Facts and Realities about Aries Birthstone

Aries Birthstones have an association with people that have a date of birth from 21 March to 19 April of each month. The astrological system assigns Aries first position having a sign of RAM and an element Fire.

Mainly two stones are in the domain of Aries as it spans in the month of March and April are

Aquamarine – March Aries Birthstone

Diamond – April Aries Birthstone

Meaning of Aries Birthstone

Cambridge dictionary demonstrates the meaning of Aries Birthstone in the words

“A transparent, extremely hard precious stone that is used in jewelry and industry for cutting things”

Admirable Features of Aries Birthstones

Aries Birthstones have a relation with Aries. Therefore, the stones also own the features of the star of this month. The salient features of Aries gemstones are

  • You can see the high determination, commitment, and bravery in the individuals.
  • They try to keep their mental tranquility level to fulfill the positive ambitions of their life.
  • These personalities are always friendly with their competitors but never permit them to defeat them.

Comprehensive Knowledge about Aries Birthstones

Our under-discussion Aries Birthstones are Diamond and Aquamarine. The features of both stones with practical applications are demonstrated here.

March Aries Birthstone – Aquamarine

It is the beautiful pale blue-green color gemstone. Its name is derived from two words, aqua means “water” and marina means “of the sea”

The mineral sources of Aquamarine exist in the countries Brazil, Russia, Kenya, and United States.

It is the stone that recalls the feeling of calmness and dishes up mental tranquility with its consistent and long-duration use. Moreover, in ancient history sailors preferred its use during bloody voyages. It was a talisman of good luck and happiness for them. With it fears to remain far away from the personality of the wearer.

Beneficial Use of March Aries Birthstone

Good communication, fearless personalities, and courageous speakers are observed with the use of March Aries Birthstone (Aquamarine). It is recommended stone for the teachers to control the run-time situations and to complete the dreading tasks.

Finally, aquamarine is the proven remedy for swollen throat and thyroid problems. It is one of the stones that normalize the secretion of hormones and is good for various phases of growth.

Four C’s and Aquamarine

In all birthstones, the best stone is one that scores high in 4 C’s properties.

  • Color: Deep blue color aquamarine has higher value and better quality.
  • Clarity: All mineral stones are formed in deep layers of the earth at high temperatures and pressure. Therefore, some impurities infiltrate into the stone and others reside on the surface of the stone. These are birthmarks and are known as inclusions and blemishes. The clarity of the aquamarines defines the degree of impurities present in the birthstone. With fewer birthmarks quality of the gemstone does not decline.
  • Cut: The proper cut on the aquamarine enhances its brilliance level. It defines the path of the light from entrance to reflection.
  • Carat Size: It is the weight-measuring unit of the gemstone. The value of the gemstone depends on the size of the stone.