Birthstone jewelry in the fashion world is an emerging trend that will grow at a rapid pace in the future. Mineral and synthetic stones exist in the universe in various colors. These stones embedded in different metals can be used with matching outfits. The high gentry uses precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. On the other hand, middle-class folks and commoners prefer stones for jewelry that are in their purchasing limits.

The twelve months of a year and birthstones have inseparable association. These stones are dedicated to months of the year, for example, a diamond is April Birthstone and Aquamarine is March Birthstone. According to the people’s belief, these stones have potential benefits that become part of their life when they wear them for a long duration.

Aquamarine is a stone used to protect the sailors from bloody voyages; diamonds promote conviction and bravery in the owners and ruby develops potential traits in the wearers to strive for the highest goals in their lives.

In the past Emerald was presented as a gift to the Royal guests. In addition to this, it was the favorite stone of Cleopatra. That is why it was also known as the Royal stone.

Diamond is the weakness of every woman in the world. It is one of the selected stones for event jewelry. Brides prefer to wear diamond jewelry on their precious moments of life matching with their bridal dresses.