What are Birthstones?

Birthstones are either minerals or organic stones with charming colors having association with individuals’ dates of birth. You can make events of your life memorable by presenting a gift of birthstones to your loved one.

A Difference between a Birthstones and Gemstones

The mineral stones in their natural form are known as birthstones. Their outlook is dull. But professional cutting and polishing make them gemstones for embedding them in jewelry items.

Classification of Birthstones

Birthstones are classified on their hardness and persistence. On the defined criterion the stones are rated

  • Excellent– having hardness attribute in the range of 9 or 10 on the Moh Scale of hardness. Examples are Ruby, Diamond, and Sapphire
  • Very Good– these stones possess a hardness of 7.5 on the Moh Scale of hardness. Examples are alexandrite, aquamarine, and spinel
  • Good– less durable stones and scratches appear when they are removed from jewelry.
  • Fair to Poor– you will often see scratches on these stones and they are vulnerable to breakage. Examples are Emerald, Peridot, and Zircon.

Synthetic Gemstones

Of natural birthstones, some are too expensive that are not affordable by all individuals of society are diamonds, Emerald and Ruby. So the jewelry manufacturers started preparing gemstones in the labs that are within the range of customers. These stones are lab-created or synthetic gemstones.

Birthstones by Month

Birthstones by Month means, the stones are associated with twelve months of a year, their association and a brief description are given below:

  1. January Birthstone-Garnet
  • Garnet, a January Birthstone exists on all continents of the world commonly in red color but in reality, it is discovered in a variety of colors, each with its own characteristics. Traditional beliefs have made their place among the ancients talismans. Now it was not valued as ornate stone but its powerful healing attribute and shielding energies made it extremely useful.
  • Garnet is introduced for its effective use of productive energy. It cultivates spirit energies within the body to work on any platform with success. It is a stone of real love and acute feelings.
  • Today garnet has multidimensional use; it is not only worn for adornment but also has wide use in the industry in watch gears and scientific instruments.
  • It is a gemstone that lessens body toxins, makes fast metabolism, and cures cellular disorders.
  • It heals emotional problems as well as provides a remedy to psychic depression.
  1. February Birthstone- Amethyst


  • Amethyst, a semi-precious February birthstone with purple color has been a focusing stone due to its dazzling beauty and ability to stimulate the mind and emotions.
  • This jewel broadened one’s mental horizon with the creative power to score unheard achievements.
  • Amethyst owns such a frequency level that can purify the negative energy and covers the body with a safety shield of light.
  • It saves the owners from psychic attacks, transforms the negative energy into positive energy, and finally invites good luck in their lives.It also diagnoses the roots of negative emotions
  • It is one of the best birthstones for meditation.

March Birthstone-Aquamarine

  • March Birthstone-Aquamarine is a blue color stone that is mostly preferred by the sailors for good luck, protection, and fearless sailing.
  • This jewel reduces the fear of public speaking and it is a well-known stone for teachers and public speakers. It gives energy to a speaker to present his views in difficult circumstances.
  • It cultivates persistence, discipline, and carefree nature in the wearers.
  • It emits a special type of energy that promotes responsibility in one’s actions.
  • It creates harmony among the individuals, the people from different cultures start living without any quarrels.
  • With consistwearing; it cures the problems of lungs and sinuses.
  • It is one of the highly prized birthstones for meditation.

April Birthstone-Diamond                

  • April Birthstone-Diamond has ice color or white color or is colorless with no hues.
  • It is the hardest stone with spiritual traits for the owners.
  • Its prominent use is for ornamentation and in the industry as a cutting tool and polishing kit.
  • It promotes braveness and is a sign of victory for the wearers.
  • Its market value is accessed from 4 C’s, Carat, Cut, Color, and clarity.
  • It is a rare stone because of its beauty and grows innocence in the owner’s personality.

May Birthstone-Emerald

  • May Birthstone-Emerald is birthstone that seeks love and reveals truth to the persons that own it.
  • It is jewel of inspiration, patience, and grows the particles of unconditional love.
  • It develops higher level of balance between the partners and promotes unity for eternal happiness in their life.
  • It is natural precious green color birthstone and its hues are from yellowish-green to blue green.
  • It supports self-esteem and raises the confidence in the teen age girls.
  • It strengthens the mental energies and increases mental tranquility by reducing the stress level.

June Birthstone-Pearl

  • June Birthstone-Pearl is organic gemstone with attributes of wisdom and praised luck.
  • It is famous myth that pearl is precious stone that provides protection to the children and balances the relation strength wise.
  • It awakens the purity, honesty and kindness with the aim.
  • It is ancient Greeks belief that Pearls are the tears of God.
  • There is no alternative of pearl jewelry.

July Birthstone-Ruby

  • July Birthstone-Ruby is a blazing jewelof dignity, considered the most glorious of all gemstones.
  • According to Ancients consideration, it is more valuable than diamond. Ancient kings use to embed it on their crowns.
  • It has been a sign of good luck, safety, and joy.
  • No stone is better than ruby to banish sadness and foolish thoughts.
  • It accelerates, transparent brain, enhanced energy for high level motivation and concentration, and promotes self-confidence and determination in the owners.
  • Ruby supports and provides shield to those owners that have sensitive nature and false views about others and themselves.

August Birthstone-Peridot

  • August Birthstone-Peridot is one of the stones discovered in sole color that is olive green.
  • It owns internal gift of glare, brushes up the brain and unlock it new horizons of awareness and growth.
  • It also assists one to know and feel one’s future aim and spiritual tasks.
  • In the past civilization, it was owned to protect and preserve the potential to keep at distance forces of darkness.
  • Peridot is highly useful for tuning life cycle of owner’s life pertaining to physical or emotional phases.

September Birthstone-Sapphire

  • September Birthstone-Sapphire is extremely beautiful, in all its heavenly hues, is a jewel of sagacity and eternal divine.
  • This blue color gemstone is a sign of energy but also of generosity and intellectuality.
  • Sapphire encourages broad mindedness, allowing to release psychic tension and negative thoughts that are main cause of hormonal disturbance.
  • It is mark of self-esteem and has shown good effect for quick resolution of legal and matters concerning to justice.
  • It is the stone for curing the infection of eyes and improving the eyesight.

October Birthstone-Opal

  • September Birthstone-Opal is multicolored stone matching with rainbow spectrum, is an eye stone, and motivates love and happiness.
  • Opal strengthens the celestial awareness and encourages the light intuition and insight.
  • It develops sense of calmness and security that reduces the stress and depression in the wearers.
  • Opals are proven panacea for eyes, skin and nails.
  • It is considered to scatter infections, clean blood and kidneys.

November Birthstone-Citrine

  • November Birthstone-Citrine has a meaning of lemon. Sometimes it was considered as Gold Topaz mistakenly because of color resemblance.
  • Its stone of abundance and manifestation, attracts, wealth and happiness, success and all other good things that are the basic requirement for eternal happiness.
  • Citrine is ranked high for development of interpersonal relationships.
  • There is one thing that is not good for this gem as it inflames aggressions in some wearers.
  • It is fountain of physical stamina and helps the endocrine system and regulates the metabolic activities.

December Birthstone-Zircon

  • December Birthstone-Zircon discovered in may colors but the most attractive and having resemblance with diamond is white zircon.
  • In past it was used as jewel to bring prosperity and intellectuality to the owners.
  • This stone paves paths for motivation and guidance.
  • It generates in one’s ability of self-confidenceand to promote confidence in those that are in their relationship bonds.
  • Zircon having yellow color invites happiness to the wearers.