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Obscure Meaning s and Characteristics of Libra Birthstones

May 15, 2018

Librans prefer to wear Libra Birthstones as they have an association with their stars. The defined dates for Libra are from 22 September to 23 October of every year. In zodiac signs, it is at 7th position owning the element air and symbol scale.

Meaning of Libra Birthstone

According to Cambridge Dictionary, the gemstone has meaning

“A precious stone whose colour changes when the position of a person looking at it changes”

A Step towards Libra Birthstone Color

The Opal and Tourmaline are two prominent Libra Birthstones. These two gemstones are found in many colors. Each color of the stones has its distinct characteristic.

Greeks have a very careful observation of the meaning, color, and properties of Opal. They played a keen interest in observing the dynamic color properties of the stone. Naturally, the phenomenon of diffraction happens due to the internal structure of the stone. It internal structure has a resemblance to a diffraction grating slit.

In addition to all, the dynamic variation in the color of the stone is due to two factors. The first factor is an array of adjacent of spheres of silica and the second one is the diffraction of light through the birthstone. The cost of the opal goes high due to the explained reasons.

Further, the dynamic color behavior of Libra Birthstone is due to internal arrangement, variable size, and pattern.

The highly luminous color of the gemstone increases the popularity and market value of the Libra Birthstone. The transparent white is the well-known color of the Opal. Black or red background gemstone is also grabbing the attention of birthstone lovers.

You can see Opal in red, orange, yellow, and blue colors. The precious color of the stone in this family is red as compared to blue and green stones which are less rare with low market demand.

Tourmaline is another Libra Birthstone with a variety of colors. The natural colors of Tourmaline are red, green, yellow, black, pink, and brown. In this family, bi-color stones exist with the outer edge having green color and the remaining portion of the stone has colors pink or red.

Appealing Characteristics of Libra Birthstone-Opal

Naturally, Opal gemstone is soft but when it is mined and heated with haste, cracks appear on its surface. Its natural formation has pores on its surface which is why we should avoid dipping it in other liquids other than water. Being a delicate birthstone, it demands extra care to save it from scratches.

During ancient civilizations, it has been used as a healing stone. Further, it was also a brain energy stimulator at that time.

Besides all of the above, Libra Birthstone cultivates confidence and assists individuals in character formation. Further, it has delivered effective results to cure infectious diseases. It furnishes the blood, enhances the functionality of kidneys, adjusts the natural vaccine, and makes an easy childbirth process.  In short, it acts like a tonic to boost the immune system.


It is Libra Birthstone and alternate stone for October. In the 18th century, it has proved beneficial for authors and artists to enhance their creative abilities.

Relating to health issues, it is a remedy for the digestive system. Further, it provides energy for bones and teeth. In the current era, it is a stone for stress management.

Librans prefer pink tourmaline to get rid of negative emotions and to promote delicate positive feelings for others. Always wear the stone for a long duration to grow patience in your personality.

Finally, October Libran Birthstone is a loving protector, fear manager, and confidence booster. You can see good harmonic communication in your personality with this stone.