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August Birthstone with Awesome Features

August Birthstone with Awesome Features

Dec 31, 2022

August Birthstones are for people who have a date of birth in the range from 23rd July to 22 August. These stones are Peridot , Spinel, and Sardonyx. The star for August is Leo and its defined date range is from 23rd July to 22 August. The prominent August Birthstone is Peridot.

August Birthstone Meaning

Our focus stone is on Peridot. Peridot is derived from the French word peritot meaning of gold. It is a selected gift for the 16th marriage anniversary.

August Birthstone Color

It exists in the world in mineral form in lime green color. But there is variation in August Birthstone Color due to the impurities that become part of the stone due to chemical changes in deep layers of the earth. Peridot is also beautiful in natural shades from yellow-green to olive to brown-green.

General Properties of August Birthstone

  • Peridot is not too hard stone, its rating is from 6.5 to 7 on the hardness scale.  Further, its behavior is variable with the change in temperature.
  • Due to its glowing properties, it has been named as “an Evening Emerald”. In the presence of artificial light, it glows green and produces a very beautiful and attractive light pattern.
  • 2 to 3-carat August Birthstone is expensive but 8-carat is very rare.
  • With the use of Peridot, wearers can get rid of night and bedroom fears.
  • Peridot is very useful for people to develop a chain of friendships keeping them away from envious feelings and thoughts. Moreover, it invites prosperity in the life of the owners and protects them from evil eyes if it is used for a long duration.

Spiritual Energy of August Birthstone

August Birthstone has multidimensional spiritual energy that is slowly transferred to the wearers. Here you can get benefits from selected spiritual power features of peridot.

  • The color of the gemstone has an association with the body parts of the wearers. For instance, yellowish-green color is a suggested remedy for liver and stomach diseases. Further, it has delivered good results to cure insect bites. Peridot is very beneficial to boost the metabolism process.
  • Peridot transforms natural energy into the brain of the owners to cope with a psychological disorder. Moreover, it is an awesome stone for people who are suffering from various types of depression.
  • August Birthstone counts the negative energy and detoxifies it with its magical power.
  • No doubt, it is a healing stone. It develops inner peace and promotes mental tranquility. Finally, it is very useful in promoting sleeping energy.
  • The people having regard for humanity give August Birthstone high priority as it develops feelings of friendship and abolishes envious thoughts from the brain. Moreover, the stone saves the person from evil eyes.
  • Peridot assists the owners to disconnect with bad experiences of life and promotes energy in the persons to grow confidence in their personalities for future good decisions.

Scientific Overview of August Birthstone

There is color variation in August Birthstone. Peridot delivers yellow-green, olive, light and bright green hues. The variable color looks of the gemstone are due to the presence of iron inside the stone.

Peridot exists in smaller and larger stones but as the size of the gemstone increases, the intensity of flaw inside the stone increases. But the crystals are cut with the expertise to make them free from imperfections.