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May Birthstone: Step-by-Step Knowledge about the Stone

Jan 28, 2023

The well-known and popular May Birthstone is Emerald. This stone exists in nature in green color with eternal beauty. It stands in the row of precious stones with its unique beauty. The gemstone is rare and durable with its charming looks. In the mineral form, the green sparkles of the Emerald are due to the presence of chromium and vanadium impurities in the stone.

Meaning of May Birthstone

As we have already mentioned that May Birthstone is an Emerald that is derived from the word smaragdus means “green” having the power of planning and foreignness.

Characteristics of May Birthstone

There are four admitted characteristics of Emeralds that are summarized below


The valuable emeralds have a deep green color. This color is due to two impurities chromium and vanadium.


Natural Emeralds are formed under the earth at very high temperatures and pressure. In the molten form, some impurities penetrate into the stone called inclusions. In the same physical state as the May Birthstone, some impurities stay on the surface of the Emerald called blemishes. Mineral Emeralds are not 100% transparent.


The diamond and Emerald cut has similarities but is the more feasible and preferable cut for the May Birthstone octagon shape. But in regular practice, Emerald cuts are square and rectangular in shape.


Like other birthstones, the weight measuring unit of Emerald is Carat. According to a defined standard one Carat is equated to 100 equal points.