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July Birthstone: A Marvelous and Expensive Gemstone

Jun 17, 2023

Among the birthstones, July Birthstone has its defined significance due to its remarkable properties. It is ruby, a well-known stone to all gemstones lovers but it is the dream of many people due to its high cost in the market. In the history and current era, it has been cherished for its revere and symbolism. However, ruby has its consistent fame in the past and current eras and it is equally recognized for every era titles.

Mainly its potential traits are transformed to the people owning the date of births in dates from 22 June to 22 July. It has bonded with the zodiac sign of cancer. It is a blessing gift for cancer people as it brings balance and harmony to their lives. In Hinduism, it is considered the king of stones.

Meaning of July Birthstone -Ruby

July Birthstone Ruby is a traditional mineral stone having corundum in its color with dynamic features varying from deep crimson or purple to pale rose. The origin of ruby is the Latin word ruber meaning red.

July Birthstone Color

For every gemstone variation in color of the stone affects its market price. The same is with July Birthstone Ruby. The highly valued and prized Ruby is available in the market in red color and the stone in other colors like purple and orange is less precious.

“Pigeon Blood” is a term that is often used for Ruby when its color properties are under discussion. Such a ruby has a color range from red to purple or pink color tones owning soft, glowing, red fluorescence.

Factors Influencing the Market Value of Ruby

There are four expensive birthstones in the market and ruby is one of them. Its market value is accessed based on four factors that are Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut. The prized and valuable ruby has a red color and minimum impurities. You can hardly find a single July Birthstone out of five thousand in a mineral form that is free from inclusion or blemishes.

Stunning Features of Ruby

Cancer individuals have a firm belief that July Birthstone has potential attributes like wearing this stone invites good fortune, protects the individual from negative thoughts, and cultivates positive energy to promote confidence and creativity. Furthermore, the stone is observed excellent in diverse healing practices.

In the thirteen century, Ruby was used as a remedy for liver problems and in the 15th and 16th centuries folks used to rub the stone on the skin to regenerate energies at a young age.

Ruby generates passion for love, therefore it is the stone of individuals that have fallen in love and also it suits the people that are in power.

Finally, July Birthstone has a generic ability to treat fever and improve the functionality of the heart and circulatory system.

Undoubtedly, Ruby enhances the mental energy for motivation and future planning. With it, one can set goals for one’s life for leadership and command in assigned professions.

July Birthstone Jewelry

July Birthstone Jewelry is a sign of love between two individuals. Ruby is an ideal selection for event jewelry and more specifically, it is chosen for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.