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June Birthstones: A Dazzling Timeless Beauty and Delicate Splendor

Jun 11, 2023

Among the captivating kingdom of gemstones, June Birthstones are three in number, each of them own their unique attributes and significance. The cherished birthstones of month of June clasp a special room in the hearts of gem lovers. These stones are namely Pearl , Alexandrites, and Moonstones.

In the under discussion topic we will peep into the meaning, color, and diverse features of three prized stones.

June Birthstones Meaning

As we have already revealed that there are three birthstones dedicated to the month of June and their meanings are distinct depending on their features,

Meaning of Pearl

The Pearl Birthstone owns the meaning of purity, wisdom, inner beauty, femininity, love, nurturing, and spiritual growth.

Meaning of Alexandrites

Alexandrites has meaning of transformation, balance, good fortune, intuition, spiritual growth, emotional healing, and self-expression.

Meaning of Moonstones

Moonstones develop features like femininity, intuition, emotional balance, protection, love, divine inspiration, and personal growth in the personality of owners.

June Birthstones Color

June Birthstones Color is one of the main characteristics of the stone to attract the people. Also color is one of the factors that determine the market value of the stone.

Pearl exits in the nature in white, light cream, black, gray and silver colors. There are organic pearls that display iridescent phenomenon very popular with the name orient.

Alexandrite is the choice of folks due to its dynamic color features. In day light or fluorescent light, you can observe it in the green color whereas it is seen in brownish or purplish tones in bulb or in the light of candle flame. 

Moonstone has a series of attractive colors ranging from colorless to gray, brown, yellow, green, or pink.