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September Birthstone: A Multifaceted Gem of Sapphire

Jun 24, 2023

September Birthstone belongs to the kingdom of precious gemstones in mineral form. It is very well known for its captivating beauty and classic elegance. It is a sapphire. The factors like color, mystical and scientific features have created its place in the heart of people.

In history, Persian Kings used to believe that the reflection of sapphire on the sky has changed its color to blue. They used it around their necks to keep them protected from evil. The stone has been bonded with chastity, devotion and repentance. It invites positive attributes like wisdom and understanding of justice. Further, it cultivates mental tranquility, truth and a high level of understanding to resolve any sort of issues.

Meaning of September Birthstone: Sapphire

The word Sapphire is derived from the Latin word “sapphirus” and Greek word “sappheiros” having meaning transparent blue stone typically blue.

Charming Colors of Sapphire

The color of September Birthstone is blue but it also exists in the world in mineral form in diverse colors like yellow, pink, green, white and orange. The formation of the Sapphire color is due to the presence of trace elements like iron, copper, chromium and magnesium in the stone.

Characteristics of September Birthstone

In different eras, various characteristics of September Birthstone has been observed. For instance, during the middle ages, individuals preferred to wear the stone to control negative thoughts and to generate energy for the cure of natural ailments but on the other hand in ancient Persia, it was the medicine to cure all diseases.

The most famous characteristic of the Sapphire was to nullify the effects of sorcery. Further, it also diverts this notorious spell back to the sender. Being a tool for self-improvement, Sapphire was awesome to keep you stay on the road of check and balance. It is one of the stones that may transform energy at a rapid speed. September Birthstone develops your bond with the universe that can disclose your spiritual potential to the universe.

In short, working with Sapphire gives a positive outlook and self-motivation to your personality. You will feel self-contentment and satisfaction which is a basic and mandatory tool for a successful life.