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March Birthstone: The Stone Assists in Voyages

March Birthstone: The Stone Assists in Voyages

May 1, 2023

Like all other birthstones, March Birthstone has an association with the month of March. It is aquamarine that is in the world in colors blue-green, light blue, or greenish blue. The gemstone delivers beautiful looks in colorless to blue color tones.

Meaning of March Birthstone

The word aquamarine is derived from two Latin words “aqua” and “marina” meaning “water” and “of the sea”. Because of this admitted reality all color tones of the stone are matching with watercolors at various locations and depths. Due to its resemblance with water properties, people often prefer to wear it for mental tranquility and to develop mind calmness.

Characters of March Birthstone

You can see the stone in mineral and synthetic forms. But the natural March Birthstone belongs to the mineral beryl family. The variation in color tones of the stones belonging to this family is due to variable impurities present inside the birthstones.

Sailors use aquamarine at a high priority with the belief that it can provide them a safety shield in bloody and dangerous voyages. Moreover, it develops confidence in their personality to do decisions in very tough situations of life.

Aquamarine is at 7.5 to 8 Moh scale of hardness. Because of this attribute, it can easily be embedded in jewelry.

March Birthstone plays a very core role in the fashion industry. Aquamarine is used in the jewelry to give it a new look and feel according to the new designs. This birthstone jewelry is a very admirable gift for your loved one.

Use of Aquamarine in Industry

In the mineral March birthstone, the main active component is beryllium which is used in the formation of transistors, microprocessors, and diodes. The life and performance of these birthstone devices are very high as compared to the electronic components prepared from semiconductors.

In the current era aquamarine (beryllium) is playing a very important role in the preparation of parts of spacecraft and satellites as these parts have a long life and high performance. Moreover, aquamarine has wide use in nuclear reactors, ceramics, and optics.